The photography explored in The Asian Male series was in part a way for me to deal with my dissatisfaction with my own physical beauty. Meeting and photographing guys I found attractive was a projection of what I wasn’t. I longed to be lean-fit to which was not. I lived vicariously through them, in their admiration to which I would envision myself to be.


The Asian Male Project

The Asian Male Project

What you are about to enter began in 1999, and evolves to the present day. There are some galleries that are ‘Not Safe For Work’, but for the most part, it is very safe. You will not be harmed, but hopefully enlightened.
Yip Fung Art

Yip Fung Art

With each series of artworks, there is an unveiling of form that is meant to be discovered. It is very much willed into being from a deep feeling within myself. Sometimes, it has saved me.
NYVA Studio

NYVA Studio

Behind the ordinary, some things can be extraordinary. It’s just a matter of perspective and allowing things to happen. Some fine art, some decorative. Some I’m not sure of. Come and take a look…

The best art is spiritual and contains within it the ability to heal and the power to elevate humanity. Shamans of the past were essentially artists, being able to reach into the realms of alternate dimensions to bring back wisdom, knowledge and guidance. We need them now.


Alternate states of reality fascinate me. And my interest in consciousness and science intersecting at the junction of philosophy is apparent in my work, much like Taoism and Buddhism teachings colliding with physicists on the makings of the universe.

Something about me….

Who I miss the most....
I adopted a house cat when it was 13 years old. People said it would not live for much longer, so I mentally prepared for its inevitable demise. So for years, I kept thinking “It could be any time now”. By age 20, I began thinking it was never going to leave me and I let go of the thought. BB lived to the super ripe age of 25, holding dearly on my left leg as it passed over during the night.

A famous person I would like to meet...
There are two persons I would like to meet, if there was ever the opportunity. The first would be Keanu Reeves, for all the right and wrong reasons. And the second person I would want to meet is Frank Gehry, an architect that I respect and admire for creating some of the most awkward and beautiful buildings in the world. I might add more but for now, this is who I can come up with.

Photo credits: Unknown (found on the web with no source indicated)

First book that blew me away....
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirzig. This book was the definitive book for me when I was studying architecture at the University of Toronto. I don’t recall who told me about it, but somehow I got a hold of it and was entralled by the socialological implications it had on human behavior. It by far weighed more heavily than any of the classes I was taking at the time.


A favorite fruit that some find disgusting...
As some of you may have guessed, it’s the King of Fruits, the delicious durian. The taste of durian is fragrant, creamy and pungent. It took me several times before I could eat more than a small piece. However, if you are trying it for the first time, make sure it is ripe (Unripe durian is not tasty!) and take a large bite! Go for it, but be warned, you might gag on the smell.

Photo credit:

"Beyond Skin" Photography Exhibition - New York 2019

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