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Norm Yip is a visual artist who believes in the power of personal creativity for self-edification and the evolution of the soul. Through the simple tools of a camera, paper or canvas, he has found a way of expression that is deeply personal and emotional. The artwork that is presented here is an amalgamation of many years of exploration, many of which are founded through personal introspection and feelings ranging from alienation to acceptance. As this website serves somewhat like an ongoing journal, there will be constant, ongoing changes and modifications throughout.

High Art | Yip Fung

I believe I am a true artist: creating and working on projects that are not encumbered by client briefs and working to one’s desires to create something that comes deep within. Some of the pieces are intellectually inspired; others are emotionally charged. My personal direction is to be allow both spontaneity and order to live simultaneously in the artwork and to merge both figurative and abstraction into a cohesive work of art. 

Personal Portraiture & more….

Portrait photography is one of the areas where I excel in — whether you are a CEO, emerging trance DJ, or a contortionist, entrust me to take your photograph that transcends the ordinary selfie.

Art Prints by NYVA Studio

Having recently acquired an Epson printer and experimented with various fine art papers, I have now decided to offer fine art prints of selected projects. Take a look and see the artworks I’ve selected. All artworks are personally inspected for color accuracy and embossed with the NYVA Studio logo for authenticity. Rest assured that you will have an original artwork to be treasured for many years.

Asian Men: Objects of Art

The seminal work of my Asian male photography started in 1999, years before the advent of digital cameras, where I began shooting fine art nudes. Most recently an exhibition entitled Beyond Skin | 心 • 目 by 37TONG has recently been showcased in Bangkok and New York.

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