Milkboy with Mask
(in times of coronavirus)

Coronavirus news has nearly overtaken both mainstream media and social media platforms. We can only guess when this comes to a realistic end, but it is hard to predict. Much of the progress will depend on both scientists working together and social collective testing ground enacted by governments around the world.

The news that dominated the media for several weeks was the effectiveness of wearing a mask in the prevention of infection. In Hong Kong, it was almost immediate that residents here began wearing them for their own protection. Government officials didn’t need to enforce this procedure. The SARS outbreak in 2003 was still fresh in many people’s minds where 286 people lost their lives.

With this novel coronavirus, it was unknown how contagious it was when the news from Wuhan came out. I didn’t wear a mask at first, but I changed when I saw the numbers of infections and deaths increasing dramatically in China. Border crossings between Hong Kong and China were not being monitored, which incentivized nurses to urge the government into taking appropriate measures.

Given the statistics of infection and deaths in Hong Kong with little over 1,000 infected cases and 4 deaths as of 26 April 2020. The first case was on 23 January 2020. With no direct proof of how Hong Kong is mitigating the spread of the disease, it seems likely that wearing a mask is a plausible reason for limiting the spread of Covid-19. The WHO released a VIDEO of how to wear them properly and how it works.

Using iconic Milkboy wearing a mask entered my mind after seeing a meme of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa wearing a mask. As with most of my projects, I ponder and weigh the meaning behind what I do, and it isn’t until I became frustrated that I put thought into action. The original Milkboy reveals a young man smiling, and is one of the most memorable photographs I have taken to date.


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