Milkboy, 2008

Milkboy has taken on a status well beyond my expectations, and rightfully so. The image of milk poured over a young man’s body in perfect symmetry while possessing a natural wide smile and criss-crossing streams of milk cannot be reproduced (unless per se digitally). Derek Chong the man behind the milk recalls the day vividly and say it was the most memorable shoot in his life. I recall telling not to laugh or smile as I wanted a very serious look on his face. Well, it didn’t happen that way as he burst in laughter when Vasum, the guy pouring the milk, dumped the entire carton on him. Owning a print of this will be sure to bring you joy for many years to come. I had a smaller print of it on my walls not long ago, but was snatched away by a collector in Thailand. Perhaps you will be a proud owner the next edition of Milkboy?

12 x 18″ Edition 4/5 Please enquire
18 x 25″ Edition 2/20 Please enquire
24 x 33″ Edition 4/10 Please enquire