Photographing Artwork

As an artist and phototographer myself, I have experience in photographing artwork professionally for high-end print reproduction and website.

Your artwork can be the following 2D media:
– oil or paint on canvas
– watercolour
– charcoal or graphite on paper

– in-studio photographic service only
– high-resolution images colour-matched as closely as possible to the original artwork
– maximum size of artwork approximately 1.4 x 1.4 meters
– allow 2-3 days for shooting and deliverables

Artwork that is behind glass is not ideal for photographing due to reflection.

1-5 Artworks: $200/artworks; $150/artwork thereafter

Please contact me for more information.

Basic Shoot: 1-5 artworks: HK$200; each artwork thereafter HK$150
– each image is cropped to the edge of the artwork unless otherwise instructed

Extra High Resolution: HK$300/image
– 2 or more shots of image and stitched/merged together to form a higher resolution photograph

Note: Photographic shoots are conducted in the studio. Please allow 2-3 days to have the images ready.