Gallery 22 – Gus & David


Photographed in 2009 for a book project that never transpired (and that ultimately got me highly depressed), for some reason I have come back to this while looking through the multitude of shoots I did years ago with fashion stylist Patryk Chaou. In a hotel room in Singapore with about 6 people looking onwards during this shoot, amateur models Gus and David were enlisted to do the honors of posing for this evocative couples shoot. With me rather excited by both these stunning boys, I directed the shoot with the idea of a Steven Klein feeling but in broad daylight. Could it be done? I didn’t really know. One of the photographs from this series made it’s way to my current book ‘The Asian Male – 3.AM‘. To the amazing models Gus and David, I cannot thank you enough for participating in this shoot, as you guys make it sizzle!

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Would you like to be photographed versus just being documented? Have you been working out for years and want to have something very special to hang on your walls or keep safely in an album for years to come that you can be really proud of? The photography that I do is timeless and classic. I intend for my work to outlive many lifetimes.

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