Gallery 32 – Jun (Part 1)


A common friend introduced Jun to me. When we met, I felt there was a connection, a realness to his personality that I liked. He was geniune. I have met some guys that I can tell immediately are fakes, inside and outside. Jun however possessed a kind of brooding aura that I drawn to, which is always good for a photography shoot. He exuded both sensuality, sexual appeal, and a hint of insecurity in his personality.

He asked politely if it was okay for him to smoke. I obliged and I photographed him as he was preparing the paper and leaves. For someone that likes to smoke, it immediately calms the person down; they are home. I could feel his body relax into the nicotine. Don’t drill me or those on how it damages the body, life leads to death anyway.

Some people ask me how I resist the the tempation of such men . Well, to be frightfully honest, when I am working, I am serious about what I do, and if there is more than a mind connection, during the shoot is not the place for making advances. But here’s the other side of the coin: Many times I do not want to have anything to do with the model. I finish the shoot, the guy gets dressed, we sign the model release and you’re out the door. Work accomplished!

These photographs are available as fine art prints in limited signed editions.


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Would you like to be photographed versus just being documented? Have you been working out for years and want to have something very special to hang on your walls or keep safely in an album for years to come that you can be really proud of? The photography that I do is timeless and classic. I intend for my work to outlive many lifetimes.

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