Gallery 36 – Kaizer


After spotting Kaizer on my Facebook suggested friends list, I requested to become his friend. Shortly after he accepted, he asked if I remembered him. I said told him I didn’t. And to be honest, not remembering someone in Hong Kong is not something to feel very bad about, unless you know the person really well. (Nevertheless I do admit to having BAD MEMORY.) He told me that he had lost a considerable amount of weight, so that might be why I don’t recall him. He refreshed me and slowly my memory cells started to go back to the date. It was at a small gathering of friends by film director Quentin Lee on a non-descript evening that we connected. He said he remembered my photography of male nudes, and was happy to be asked to model for my Asian male project.

The shoot went on without a pre-meeting date. He simply showed up at my studio and after a brief conversation, we started shooting. I didn’t want to create any complex lighting, but to use my typical softbox for creating the mood and shadow that many are familiar with. Simplicity is the strength behind the images. Kaizer was exceptionally comfortable during the shoot, and moved in a way that told me he had been photographed before. So this made for a smoother shoot without much dialogue or words spoken. The background music playing became the guide.

For these images, I felt a strong urge to add warm tint to the images, which lends kindly to the entire set. I hope you enjoy the photographs of Kaizer as much as I do.


Size: 42 x 30″, Edition of 5
Size: 33 x 24″, Edition of 10
Size: 25 x 18″, Edition of 20
Size: 17 x 13″, Edition of 30


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