Gallery 7 – SK & Sunny


It was 2006. It was my first visit to Malaysia to do a shoot with 4 different guys. Two of which are shown here being photographed together. SK and Sunny had known of each other, but was never formally introduced, so it was rather an interesting debut shoot photographing 2 guys that would be posing nude for me. I brought along my own tungsten lamp and softbox for the shoot, besides my camera equipment. The backdrop was a sheet of black cloth that was taped to the wall of a dance studio. We all met up at the dance studio and was unsure of how the shoot would go, given that there might be some tension and nervousness for the models. As it turned out, the shoot went fairly smooth and the images turned out better than I thought it would. They both seemed to have a connection with each other and neither were afraid to bare their bodies to me, notwithstanding any full frontal shots, which was not requested by me. Limited edition prints of all images are available. Please contact us using the form below.


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Would you like to be photographed versus just being documented? Have you been working out for years and want to have something very special to hang on your walls or keep safely in an album for years to come that you can be really proud of? The photography that I do is timeless and classic. I intend for my work to outlive many lifetimes.

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