Lemuria, No. 6
Acrylic on canvas
100H x 100W cm

I have been under much pressure lately with an exhibition of photography that I am working, and I left the canvas for a short time to work on the logistics. I also was making some transitional moves of my websites, consolidating several websites into one. My mind was in a mess, and I know there are mistakes and things to fix up. I knew I had to return back to the canvas, and continue the journey. I know it was taking me into the deeper realms of my consciousness. I was more hesistant in making this particular work, trying to resolve the colours and spaces. I felt there was struggling involved. I am not afraid to say this about my work anymore. The struggle in finding ones path is something to be thankful of, because there is an honest search for what is emerging. It is like the pain of a mother giving birth to a newborn.


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